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Professional services for new or challenged marijuana businesses


Business LICENSE Procurement

Application writing is not for the faint of heart. In what continues to be a more competitive process with each state that enters the cannabis industry, G.Car has won every application they have undertaken; a total of 11 winning licenses that span marijuana cultivation, processing, and retail operations. As of this date, 3 of these businesses have already opened and are currently operating in accordance with G.Car’s operating policies — further validating our established best practices and industry experience.

Having a winning application team is paramount, and we vet each of our applicants’ team members in order to make sure this winning streak continues. Armed with a black book loaded with long-standing cannabis business experts, we can help you assemble that winning team, or can assess the team you have and let you know what might be missing.

The Process
It begins with a phone call, followed by a friendly "speed dating" period where we all get to know each other, preparing for the process of application writing which will be intense and, at times, stressful (as any government and/or highly competitive process can be).


What Separates G.Car From Others Who Write Applications?
We own cannabis businesses. We are walking the talk, and we customize each application. Each member of the G.Car team has a unique background, filled with successes in both the traditional world of business as well as within the marijuana industry. Our claim to expertise is not based on growing plants in our basements 10 years ago; as you research us online, you will find the depth of our knowledge spans almost a decade with political activism, non-profits organizing cannabis entrepreneurs, running cannabis and marijuana related businesses, marketing in the cannabis industry, and writing many of the laws used today in the various states application processes.

Our team is made up of seasoned professionals. The writing team is led by Ryan Fingerhut, an attorney who understands the marijuana business from the ground up. Working 100% of his time in the cannabis industry with Greta (since 2014), he has fine-tuned the narratives around safety, security, and compliance. On top of his legal acumen, Ryan's background in creative writing helps to add some shine to applications. His discipline around making sure all ‘t’s are crossed and ‘i’s are dotted earned our operation policy application section the 3rd highest highest score in the state when applying to open the first marijuana businesses in Sparks (a.k.a Reno), Nevada. He leads a team of MBAs, attorneys, and other professionals in the writing process.

Greta oversees the bigger project, contributing to the cannabis expertise. Additionally, because of Greta’s national speaking experience, she is followed by investorsones who are looking to offer their capital to the marijuana industry. She can bring that to the table as well.

Our pricing is competitive, our service exemplary, our passion for winning – undeniable. We look to develop long term relationships. Give us a call, let’s start the conversation; click the "Contact G.Car" button below:


Compliance is critical. The cannabis industry is still in conflict with federal law, and the federal government has stated repeatedly that they will only refrain from raids and arrests in the face of state marijuana regulation and the marijuana industries’ compliance with those state laws.

There is nothing more critical than compliance for our safety and the progression of our movement.

Greta has over 20 years of experience in the highly regulated banking industry; so transparency and quality control is part of her method of operation. Bringing on Ryan—an attorney whose academic discipline is focused on understanding the law and being able to defend our actions—makes a winning leadership team. But it doesn’t stop there. With professional project management, the end goal is always in mind when we begin, and executing the vision of our clients is where we excel.

G.Car's creation and implementation of compliance policies and regiments in currently operating marijuana businesses has earned praise from state enforcement officers as models "that other cannabis businesses can aspire to."


Marijuana businesses in need of professional training would be hard-pressed to find someone more qualified and experienced than the founder of the Cannabis Training Institute herself. Greta Carter has trained business owners and employees of dispensaries, cultivation centers, and processing centers across the country. She has also taught the Core Cannabis Training + Certification curriculum at the annual Unity conference held by Americans For Safe Access in Washington, D.C.


Growing massive quantities of cannabis is no simple feat, and thankfully The G.Car team is well-versed in the delicate science of marijuana cultivation. Bringing years of professional (and personal) experience to the table, G.Car staff has even proven their ability to completely resurrect under-performing, unprofitable cannabis farms and transform them into thriving businesses. Contact G.Car if you're planning to start a new cultivation venture or are experiencing problems with your current grow setup.

Branding & Packaging

The marijuana marketplace is competitive to say the least. When it comes to marketing cannabis products, it's imperative that the packaging is simultaneously attractive, thoughtful, memorable, efficient, well-branded, and compliant. Our in-house marketing manager is experienced in the design of engaging packaging for marijuana products with strict adherence to local regulations.

For example, if your state mandates a minimum label size and font size in addition to a heavy amount of required and highly variable info (warnings, lab results, license numbers, etc), contact G.Car and we'll help make your packaging prettycompliant, and cost-effective.

In 2015, our "Little Jays" mini joints (developed for a Washington client) were nominated for Most Creative Marketing Initiative at the Northwest Cannawards.

Marketing & Advertising

With years of experience developing marketing campaigns, brainstorming product concepts, growing social media presences, and designing advertisementsall specifically for medical and recreational marijuana businessesour in-house marketing manager has a keen understanding of the unique marketing needs of cannabis companies and ancillary businesses. No matter how challenging local regulations make it to advertise marijuana products and businesses, G.Car always finds a way to reach the target audience and convert them into loyal customers and brand evangelists.