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About G.Car

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With 2016 expected to be the biggest year yet for marijuana policy reformG.Car is well-positioned to assist budding entrepreneurs in new and potential "green states" like Arizona, California, Maine, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Nevada. As of the beginning of the new year, The G.Car Companies have begun working with various clients in California in preparation for a 2016 product rollout, and are also engaged in the application writing process for clients planning to open licensed cultivation, processing, and retail/ consumption businesses in Alaska.

Greta was also featured in The Marijuana Revolution on The History Channel, as well as in Nick Lacata's book, Becoming a Citizen Activist at this time.

Closely monitoring the proposed regulations for California (recreational) and Florida (medical), G.Car relocated to Southern California, where Greta founded DHS CAN (Desert Hot Springs Cannabis Alliance Network). DHS CAN is a non-profit trade organization that provides a responsible and productive voice for the Desert Hot Springs marijuana industry through innovative and effective programs in development, operations, regulations and outreach. DHS CAN operates in an advisory capacity with the City of Desert Hot Springs, California in writing new regulations for the industry.

G.Car is actively applying for medical marijuana cultivation and retail licenses in Desert Hot Springs and Cathedral City, California. A newly constructed 30,000 square foot cultivation center is expected to open in the 2nd quarter of 2017 in Desert Hot Springs, and modifications to an existing 8,000 square foot building in Cathedral City will open as a dispensary and cultivation center later that year.